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    Elgon Youth Brass Band Association is a Community based organization located in Mbale District, Eastern Uganda, the project started in 2009 as a result of the appalling poverty situation in the community that had led to a rise in crime rates, street children, early pregnancies and early marriages leave alone dropping out of school by many children and youth. Lack of employment, death or separation of parents, lack of school fees and other scholastic materials, drug and forms of child abuse have been responsible for the increased number of unemployed and street children.

    The youth and children being the pillars of the next generation need to be holistically empowered in order to be able to pass on the values, norms and wishes of individual communities. Various attempts have been made by government, NGOs and individuals to see that systems are put in place for the general welfare of children such as provision of free primary and secondary education, vocational training, guidance, counselling and reproductive health programmes.However, less has been done to help those who have failed to go to school due factors at times beyond their control such as failure to have a place where to reside or living under extreme child abuse and poverty. Elgon Youth brass band association realised that youths needed a few life skills that could act as stepping stones to a brighter future and hence the need for Elgon Youth Development Centre which is hoped to generate assistance for the disadvantaged youths.

    The project was formed to help empower children at risk of drugs etc with skills that can lift them out of poverty through music.

    We are in need of financial and psychical support to help the project achieve it's goal, if any one has second hand musical instruments that you are not using, please do always donate to our band am sure it will change lives of our young ones so much for a sound future.

    For more on how to help you can contact me at; call +256774697395 or see our blog at

    Warm Regards,

    Fredrick Kyewalyanga


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