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    In 1988 the BBC made a documentary, for a local programmme, called (I think) 'Farrell in Pursuit of...' They followed a number of bands, including Desford, to the RAH for the Nationals where the test piece was 'Seascapes'. I can remember the camera crew being opposite me in one of the boxes.

    Because it was a local 'opt-out', most of the UK never saw it. A friend of mine who did see it informed me that someone I knew at the time made an unscheduled appearance on the programme, and I've been looking for the loan of a copy ever since.

    Can anybody help please? The BBC can't trace it!

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    I'm guessing it was around 1989 - Google tells me that there were a couple of other episodes dating from around that time.

    Why don't you try contacting Nigel Farrell to see if he can help? He might be able to tell you who the production company was, and they might have a copy. His agent is and you should be able to get hold of him through them. I've looked on the National Sound Archive, but they don't have a copy of this either.
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    Funny enough I remember Nigel Farrell quite well very prolific at that time of doing documentaries. I would follow Dave's lead and see if you can find what you are looking for.
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    If you contact BBC Information & Archives I am sure they will be able to give you more information:

    When I worked there (in a different area though), they were looking to put loads of programme material on-line for just this sort of enquiry. But then I left and I rather fancy that the bean counters got in the way of this project (as they are doing again now!)

    Otherwise just e-mail the BBC, and eventually you will get a sensible, non-automated response. Sadly all of my old contacts have been put out to g(b)rass like me, otherwise I could have given you a name to contact...

    Good luck

  5. The BBC have a motion clips gallery for free use, but if it isn't in there, try their commercial clips gallery.

    Unfortunately, if it's not in there then I can't help you.