Help An urgent Sop Repairer Needed ASAP

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am looking for someone to urgentley repair a Shilke Sop.
    The Water Key unit on it has come off tonight whilst at a concert i need to get it fixed in time for a rehearsal on Weds. Or ideally have some amando keys fitted.
    I live in the Nottinghamshire area but i can get to most places.

    Can anyone help.
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  2. scotchgirl

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    Was the silver tape and bit of cork not good enough? eeeek! :) hope you get it fixed.......
  3. John_D

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  4. It was a great repair but i think i may wear out the tape.
    really enjoyed last night
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  6. BigHorn

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    Alan Carlin is a qualified instrument repairer. He lives in Chilwell, Notts.
    Google ALAN CARLIN PIANO TUNING & REPAIRS. A large part of his business is brass repair and I'm sure he could do a quick turn round job for you.
  7. Thanks

    Thanks BigHorn,

    I have managed to get in touch with Alan.
    Thanks For The help.

  8. Thanks to everyone

    Thankyou evryone for the help.
    I am stilll trying to get someone local who can do it quickly.

  9. A Big Thankyou

    Thanks to everyone who sent me names etc.
    i really do appriciate it.

    Owen Wedgewood is going to be doing the work for me.

    Thanks Again everyone.

  10. Work Completed

    I took the Sop Owen last night and i managed to pick it up tonight.
    The Sop looks brand new.
    If you ever need any work doing i would go see owen the workmanship is superb.

  11. brassneck

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    Did you get the Amado keys fitted?
  12. Amando

    Hi Brassneck,

    He fitted the Amandos did a full service and took out some dents.


  13. scotchgirl

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    Slightly O/T...but does Owen Wedgewood have a website? (I've had a look but couldn't see it, but then I am a baritone player, and a girl, so could easily have missed it lol!)
  14. Details

    I have just sent yo a pm