HELP – Old Test Piece!

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    It is exactly 150 years since Bilsdale Band took part in the Lofthouse Grand Village Band Contest; this “Musical Prize Fight” was described in “All The Year Round” – a weekly journal edited by no less than Charles Dickens!

    The original article, together with a full transcription, can be seen here on Bilsdale Silver Band’s website.

    To celebrate the sesquicentenary, the Band will play the original Own Choice piece – “A Selection from Mozart’s Twelfth Mass, arr. W. Rimmer” - at its 2010 Concerts.

    We would also like to play the Test Piece which was played by each of the contesting bands: “Grand Parade March, by Jones” – but can’t locate it.

    Can any tMP-ers please help us to find it?

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    Sorry - we're in the middle of recatalogueing the library but I've checked through the database of the first 2000 or so pieces and we don't seem to have it in the Aveley \ Newham \ Grangewood \ East Ham band collections - I'll have another (physical) look for you this afternoon but it's probably a bit before our time.

    Ron (Librarian, Aveley + Newham Band)