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    :D Hi folks! Can't believe it's taken me so long to join...! Lookin' forward to some good discussions - is that what they're called...! Not up for slangin' matches tho', and got absolutely no time for those with big egos and no personality...

    Got myself a lovely family (hubby plays in Fodens, but I won't be dishing any dirt, so don't even go there!) - I seem to spend most of my life banding as me, hubby and boy wonder are all cornet players. When I'm not doing that I'm probably going cross-eyed sticking hundreds of gemstones onto my daughters dance dresses... or I'm up to my eyes shovelling horse muck...

    I work as an Early Intervention Family Support Worker in a Surestart area - hopefully we prevent vulnerable families having crises that may affect their kids especially. I must admit that it's demanding, but the behaviour management side could come in useful when I'm dealing with petulent bandspersons...!

    If you know me get in touch - but only if you haven't uset me in the past!
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  2. Mesmerist

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    Hello jockinafrock, nice to meet you. Lots of lovely egos and personalities on here as you are probably already aware! (And everyone of them are sweethearts really). Enjoy and I look forward to reading your opinions.
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    :hiHello there yourself. Interesting name..... care to elaborate??:dunno
  4. steve butler

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    Ayup Jockstress :p
    I have a large ego (just ask my mate Wilky) and have recieved a personality for Christmas! Have not figured out how to work it yet but I'll keep trying :biggrin:

    Welcome to tMPland
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    Welcome Jockinafrock!

    I have ego on toast for breakfast every morning and I have to share my personality with at least 2 other people!

    Perhaps I could send you my band uniform and you could add some sequins!
  6. jockinafrock

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    Hullo again!


    Got some inquisitive people out there...! Thanks for getting in touch - just back from seeing the outlaws - groan...

    Anyway - 'jockinafrock' s what my conductor calls me (one of the politer ones that doesn't have any !!*@@# in it I may add! The perceptive of you may have guessed I'm of pictish origin (Scottish!) and yep, I'm a gal, not a fella who likes to wear ladies garments! Due to current obscenities laws I could NEVER disclose what he calls my husband, and it has nothing to do with the band he plays in!

    Looking forward to joining in the 'threads' - I'll have to learn the lingo - and getting to know the characters. By the way - who are the trouble makers??? And who are the ones worth listening to??? Not that I'd take any notice, or so I'm told...

    See ya later !
  7. StellaJohnson

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    I'm definately a trouble maker!!
    Welcome to tmp
    hope you have fun!!