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  1. weemarky

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    Well done Annan Band and Ive already said to Dalkieth wel done aswel (Ill be down on tuesday anyway(hoping to tag along to harrogate as a player or otherwise))

    Welcome to the board Rach! I see we have an instant connection with our mutual affection for vodka! lol!

  2. Hey Marky!

    Thanks for the welcome :) We were mighty pleased with our result this year as you can imagine. Can't wait to go down to Harrogate and drink large amounts of vodka? Want to join? :lol:
  3. weemarky

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    i suppose i may force myself to have one or two!!!!

    Especially with a Scottish 1-2! that really would be something to drink about!!!

    (Not that I condone drinking in any way, shape or form ;) )
  4. BenPhoenix

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    Welcome Rach [: this place is generally for musicians but I suppose we won't mind having a percussionist ;)

    Hope all is well north of the border [:
  5. Harsh words Ben :lol:

    All is fab north of the border, what about south?
  6. BenPhoenix

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    They be good :) For once it's not raining!
    I'm in work though, ah well.. can't have everything I guess!
  7. DMBabe

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    Mark! Will u stop using this fine internet based establishment as a pick up joint!!!!:mad: Rachel, as a married woman i offer my services as chaperone between u and mark at Harrogate.... u may need it..... as long as the vodka is flowing I'll be happy to volunteer myself!(50% share should cover it!);)
  8. Is he really that bad DMbabe? :lol:
  9. DMBabe

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    Well put it this way, I've known him since he was a wee boy (so since last week then.....:D ) and he's not that bad but if u investigate his prior posts (get all Miss Marple) U'll see he does try to pick up the laydeez! Seems this is another place for him to trawl..... naughty bad army boy!

    Help urself if ur keen? ;)
  10. Oh you gotta love the banter on here :lol:

    I shall bare that in mind DMbabe! If he tries to take advantage of me in Harrogate expect to be called upon!! :D
  11. BenPhoenix

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    Haha, made me think of a funny story that happened only a couple of weeks ago at a band concert.
    An ex 1st Baritone player came to watch (a nice attractive young girl but engaged) and an idiot at the bar was leering so he went to the 1st Bari's friend
    "Hey.. you think you could get me in with your friend?"
    "She's engaged sorry"
    "Oh.. I don't suppose you are single are you?"
    "Well if you're after fun.. im you're man!"

    Now if that wasn't bad enough, the guy was about 10 years the girls senior, was very scruffy and had unwashed hair and what appeared to be a black eye... i'm turned on already..

    Horrible but it gave us a few laughs.

    Not that i'm saying that Mark is like that ;)
  12. So wish I'd been a witness to that... very similar to a story I have although it was a friend of mine from another band trying to get it off with 2 girls from the band I'm in - at the same time! I was in stitches in the morning with the awkward silences over breakfast!
  13. BenPhoenix

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    Haha, oh dear! [:
    Can't imagine trying to go and 'pull' at a band concert/contest/whatever.. just something seems not quite right about it! lol
  14. I must admit I don't go to contests either thinking, "hmm... I think I'll go on a man hunt" but if I find one meh, whats the harm :lol:

    After dating a clarinetest for 2 years I think maybe I'll stick to what I know and go with brass. It sounds like I'm selling myself to brass player but, nevermind. Might as well share the same interests :D
  15. brassbandmaestro

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    O well a bit late in the offing here Rach. but welcome. have a great time, which it seems i think your having anyway!?!?!?
  16. weemarky

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    I seem to have missed this character assasination on my person!!! lol.

    Diane, I am merely being the nice, accomodating, helpful guy that I am. Surely you should know that by now! Welcoming new people to the board is a matter of course for me, especially our fellow countrypeople! ;)

  17. The assisination of wee Mark - bless! Would we ever dream of such a thing ;)

    And you have been very welcoming!
  18. DMBabe

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    And of course it has nothing to do with her being a young attractive laydee type located within reasonable travelling distance? :lol:

    Sure u'd be equally welcoming of a big strapping middle aged man from down south????? ;) :pig
  19. Oh I do love the banter here!

    Mark you've caused my whole band to start gossiping about me now :lol: some members have been spying on me (Hi Brian if you're reading this!;)). But they've not been calling you Mark. Its been Chalky? Or Whitey? Do explain???
  20. DMBabe

    DMBabe Supporting Member

    I could give you a few ruder ones as well........;)

    PM me if u wanna know!

    And Mark, I'm open to negotiation for prices for bribes! :cool: