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    What's this??? A whole post about me??? :eek: No, dont go away just yet! I'm euphfanhan (as you can see). I'm also known as Hanna without the 'h', Henry, Bob, Mrs James Morrison and 'girl'.
    I am 16 and about to go into year 12...well, supposedly anyway! I get my results in 30 days (and counting!) I hope to do psychology, english, philsophy & ethics and of course, music. I currently have many occupations including student, professional loser and Black Dyke groupie...but enough of that! :tongue:
    I am currently in 2 bands, Red Rose Lancaster brass band, and young lancashire brass. Red Rose was my first band, and I joined when I was 13 on cornet which I played for a year, and after several swaps later (inc horn and sop) I settled on the baritone. I then joined Lancashire Schools Brass Band and after a few months swapped to euphonium, and have never looked back :p . I have recently joined Pilling band too!
    My other 'hobbies' are rugby (watching only) and abusing poor unsuspecting pianos, which I have been doing since I was 5. :rolleyes: I am also in a windband (which for some reason I dont seem to be able to say, and therefore is also known as woodband, wedband and wooband!) but its just a bit of fun, it just doesnt compare with brass. My prized posessions include my euphonium, my piano, my black dyke pen and my 5 year old brother in that order!
    My one and only ambition in life is to go onto a contest stage with black dyke, but hey, whose isn't???
    Nice talking! Toodle pip.
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    Howdy how Hanna without the H!! Nice to meet ya! :tup

  3. euphfanhan

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    *salutes* thank you :p
  4. yonhee

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    *whispers*Theres no brass in our name anymore*/whispers*
    Hi Hanna *waves*
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    Well whose dumb idea was the name change??? How can you have a brass band that isnt called a brass band???
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    No idea lets complain at the next annual general meeting...
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    Black Dyke seemed to have managed alright ;)
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    Who????? ;) No, really, we were supposed to vote on what our band should be called and I put black dyke....did anyone listen???? I was called 'a waste of space'! Honestly, brass bands are full of charmers!