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  1. lizzey-b

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    I'm Liz, I play the euphonium mainly but also play baritone for a band at the minute and trombone wen i get time. I have been playing since I was 8 (16 now), i'v played pretty much all brass instruments in that time and love 'banding'.:) I'm still at school/collage, but teach music on weekends hehe.
    I love to play and listen to all kinda of music and have been known to do many stupid things.
    I love going on holiday cos me and my sis actually get along (unlike most siblings i know) so we have a rite laugh. (known as double D on occasion, make of that, what you will.)

    Im also a bit of a loudmouthed and tend to say what i think, but i guess least you know what i really think lol. :wink:
    Liz xx
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    Welcome to tMP!
  3. super_sop

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    Hiya Liz. welcome to tmp.
  4. lizzey-b

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    hello supper_sop, i take it u play sop then. Hu do u play for?
    liz xx
  5. super_sop

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    Hi Liz.
    I used to play sop but im on the front row now (principle cornet) for wem Jubilee Band.
    i'm sure youll see both Me and our band around tmp. infact if your free, why not join in with this yeras tmp band on whit friday.

    who do you play for?
  6. lizzey-b

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    i play for 2 bands in the same organisation, principal euph for enderby youth, and solo bari for enderby seniors at the moment. im anoyed cos i hav an exam on the day of whit friday marches to i cant go.
  7. super_sop

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    never mind, im sure youll have plenty of time to join in the fun. good luck in your exams

    Have fun on tmp.

  8. TheMusicMan

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    Hi Lizzy, thanks for joining us here on tMP. I look forward to reading your posts and threads.
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    Hi Liz, welcome to tmp it's really nice to see you here :clap:

    Yvonne x
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    heya lizzie.... err liz, wassup!!!! i wanna go to the whits, but i don't reckon that me dad i'll let me or the youthies go... :( oh well.... maybe next year. France soon! 37 days.. im actually dreading giving up coca cola for lent, because im now on an all time low, and i still won't be able to have my beloved coke in france.. oh dear. you still givin up F sharps?