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    My name's Liz and I'm from sunny Cornwall! :)

    I first became interested in music at primary school where I learnt the recorder. My almost next door neighbour noticed me practising one day, and asked me if I wanted to learn to play the cornet, and he gave me a few lessons. I attended St Agnes band's beginners group for a couple of months and shortly after I became St Agnes's 3rd cornet player, aged 7! I'm now 18 and hold the position of 2nd man down at St Agnes (4th section).

    I am also a member of Carrick Wind Orchestra, Pendennis Youth Band, play the piano, and am hoping to take up the guitar again (after a 2 year break) sometime soon.

    I've just completed a-levels in music, business studies and photography, and am hoping to attend Plymouth Uni to study music in October. :)

    I work as a waitress at Pizza Hut at the weekends, and in my spare time I like to post random comments on tMP.
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    Hi Liz and :hi.

    Thanks for popping in and introducing yourself. :)

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