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    Hi I am a keen brass band listener and past player . I live in the great county of Norfolk . My playing career started at our school brass band playing Euph but they said I didn't have enough puff so put me on Tenor Horn which I played for the next approx 20 yrs , I took lessons from a great teacher who played in the senior Drayton British Legion Band her name was Vicky Nash who tragically passed away after a car accident but will never forget her kind and determined way to teach me . Then as time went on I moved to Leeds and eventually had a short time with the Lofthouse Colliery Band . Moving back again to Norfolk took a place with The Reepham Band where I took up solo horn which then turned into Matthews Norfolk Brass who no longer exist , there i played solo Euph for approx. 15 years . I now run air bnb here in Norfolk & France and do a lot of travelling and still love to listen to bands .
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    Hadleigh, Essex
    Welcome to tMP, and I shall look forward to reading your contributions.
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