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    I've been playing trumpet/cornet for the past 6 years with school and brass bands. I did my first year of my bachelor's degree last year but I don't feel studying is for me (I'm deferring at the moment but have no intention of going back) but I still enjoy playing. I'm playing with a brass band twice weekly but I'm in a bit of a funk when it comes to practicing daily (or at all).
    Does anyone have ideas/recommendations for sorts of exercises, pieces, studies- anything that could help me get back into the swing of things without and it seeming like a chore? I want to find the joy I used to have in music.

    Thank-you so much!
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    I have a friend (who teaches guitar for a living) who said something that really impacted on me recently. Basically he pointed out that the instrument was created as a toy, not for "work" so just play with it as a child would. Sounds simple but if you think about it, why do you do anything in life? (Is it because you think you should, or it is expected or you are trying to please or impress someone else). I love this guy.:).
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