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  1. Brasstafarian

    Brasstafarian New Member

    Am I allowed to say Hello here?

    My first post was dumped, as I dared mention the fact a restorer lost an irreplaceable part of my families Besson Cornet. It was my Dad's Cornet, I will never get it as it was.

    Was the mere THREAT that I might even mention who this restorer was, enough reason to vanish my post?

    Feeling pretty gutted, planned on properly saying hello, but the rug was pulled...
  2. Pauli Walnuts

    Pauli Walnuts Moderator Staff Member

    Hi, Unfortunately, your fist post coincided with a change to the forum software. There has been no moderator action on it, you were just unfortunate. As Peter has suggested elsewhere, simply repost it.
  3. Jeff W

    Jeff W Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, sorry about that. I worked from 9am Tuesday (San Francisco time) til 4am Wednesday to get things migrated in a somewhat-proper fashion (still lots of little fixes left), which unfortunately meant that anything posted in that time frame was lost.
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  4. Ozzielover

    Ozzielover New Member

  5. Ozzielover

    Ozzielover New Member

    Hi Brasstafarian,
    I just wanted to say Hi,
    and that I feel for you over your dads cornet..
    These beautiful hunks of metal are precious in all sorts of ways to all sorts of people.
    I am so attatched to mine that its probably gone past the point of healthy now! hahahah

    take care x

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