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    My Name is Alistair, and I am a trom/ Euph player from Midhurst, Sussex about to start at RNCM in 15 days exactly! At the moment I am not attached to a band, but I would love to get into it, especailly on trom or conducting. In sussex I have helped run a fairly fresh festival called Madhurst, where I set up a double size brass band for an outdoor concert! I also have played for National youth music theatre, National youth wind ensemble, A hugely sucsessful (MFY winners) brass quintet 'bayleaf brass' and been involved a lot on my county level. I am really interested in meeting new musicians, especially up north, and getting involved with everything going on!
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    Welcome, Alistair. I am sure that you will have countless opportunities to play with some pretty good bands once you begin studies at RNCM.

    Good luck with your career.

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    Thanks barry!
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    Hi Alistair

    Welcome!! I have sent you a PM

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    Hi Alistair! You'll love the RNCM! Welcome!

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