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    I'm Hannah. I'm a first year music student at the University of Nottingham. I play the cornet as my first study instrument and piano as my second.

    I'm from Luton and play front row for Hitchin Band (3rd Section) when at home in the holidays and have played with them for 5 years. Recently I've played front row for Carlton Band (1st section) in Nottingham whilst at Uni.

  2. Columbo

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    Welcome Hannah!
  3. StellaJohnson

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    :hi Welcome Hannah
    Have lots of fun!!
  4. Anno Draconis

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    Hi Hannah

    Welcome! Thought I'd say hello because I studied music at Nottingham too, back in the mists of time; I recently helped get a band piece by Mervyn Cooke premiered in America, so he might remember me! Not sure who else is still there, has Prof. Morehen retired yet? And is Nick Sackman still there?

    I played for Nottingham City Transport while I was there - I know of a few of the guys I knew at NCT are now at Carlton - is Andy Allison still Principal? He used to give me lifts to band practice....

    Enjoy Nottingham, I had a brilliant time there :biggrin:

    Andy Baker
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    Hiya Hannah!
    Welcome to the fold...! :hi

    Enjoy... :lol:
  6. HannahLouise

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    Yep Nick is still here. He's teaching me a module at the minute. I really like him although he is a bit scary! Haven't heard of Prof. Morehen so I think he's probably retired!

    Andy Allison is still principal of Carlton too. We just came 6th in the 1st section area.
  7. Anno Draconis

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    I used to make Nick pull his hair out by writing nice diatonic major chord stuff all the time. :D I think he specialises in scaring 1st years; he mellows once you've been there a while!

    Say hello to Andy for me; super player and a thoroughly nice bloke.:tup
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    Welcome Hannah. Hope you enjoy the world of themouthpiece.com

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