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  1. EmmaJ

    EmmaJ New Member

    Hi my name is Emma and new on here!

    I have been playing the cornet for about 20 years now, both in brass bands and for the last 5 years in a Royal Naval Volunteer Band. Just made the dizzy height of top solo cornet - all those solo's are a bit daunting aren't they!! :p

    I have just purchased a new Yamaha Xeno cornet, which is taking a bit of getting used to, but I am getting there! Have my old one for sale so if anyone knows of anyone wanting one, check out the ads!!!

    That's about me really!! :D
  2. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Hi there Emma.... :hi

    Welcome to tMP - hope you manage to sell your old cornet.
  3. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    Ayup Emma, welcome from a big boy with a big instrument :D
    Its a lot easier sat at the back of the band tootling away accompanying the clever chaps/chapesses like your good self. Get yourself on the random threads some time and have a laugh with the "strange ones".
  4. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    None so strange as poster above Emma. Who conducts your Volunteer Band then? Not Rasher?
  5. Ryan06

    Ryan06 Member

    Welcome to the site, hope ya like it!
  6. cornydevil

    cornydevil Member

    Which volunteer band Emma? I used to play for Nelson when I lived down in Portsmouth.
  7. Rodney

    Rodney Member

    G'day Em & welcome :)
  8. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    Welcome to tMP Emma! Come join in the Virtual Charades, girls are being hammered by the blokes, and we need some help :cool:.

    I used to play trumpet in Faslane Volunteer Band. It was great fun, but I'm no longer living in Scotland and I don't have a trumpet any more, so I'm just a flugel/pretend-cornet player now.

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