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    My name is Ben, i'm 19 and I play Priniciple/Solo(whatever it is!) Euphonium at Stacksteads Band!

    I've been playing since I was 5, having been dragged into it by my family! My Dad was in the RAF Band and several others as the Solo Euphonium player.. and became conductor of Stacksteads Band in 1991, until 2006 when he has stepped down to play Eb Bass. My Mum has played all her life on Flugel at various bands.

    My grandparents, great grandparents.. etc... all played too...

    So you could kind of say it was inevitable that I would get involved somehow.

    And i'm immensely proud to be following in my Dad's footsteps as a 2nd Generation Solo Euphonium player!

    Anyway... i've ranted on for too long!! :biggrin:
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    Good to hear of Stacksteads. I spent some time there in my younger days with Matthew Speight who was on Euphonium then. Sunday mornings in that bandroom if I remember correctly with Terry Brandon(?). Don't hear much about them now, were 2nd section then I think?
  3. BenPhoenix

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    Oh yes, Terry is still there haha. He plays Rep. now.

    Things did go very quiet for a long time at Stacksteads until about 2 years ago, the returns of many ex players and youngsters coming up has really helped though.
    Stacksteads have about 30 players now.

    Things are on the up, hopefully lol
  4. Hi!

    With a family like that, you should go far! Well done

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