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  1. MHunt

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    I have been away from brass banding since i left the salvation army a few years ago. That said i was never involved in contests so joining the Westoe Band this week should be a completely new experience for me. Especially as i'm playing Eb Bass, and i've previously been a percussionist! :eek: Anyhoo have kept my lip in from time to time, usually christmas caroling, so i should get the hang of it soon.

    But i also thought i'm on a forum for nearly everything else i do, so there should be a forum for brass banding, and guess what here it is!

    So a big HELLO from me to all the other members!
  2. floral_dance

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    Hello you have joined a really really good forum with plenty of helpful people on board
  3. geordiecolin

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    Hello Matt.

    Fancy seeing you here!!
  4. MHunt

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    Small world isn't it! :)
  5. geordiecolin

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    What does an "Audio Visual Engineer" do anyway>? (apart from drive around in a van???)

    Ps. Me and Claire (2nd Euph e.g my sis!!) once bred 2 offspring fish from our 3 originals. I never knew you were a fishkeeper! Must trying talking more during rehearsal! ;)
  6. MHunt

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    No that pretty much sums my job up, went to Bristol and back on weds/thurs just to tweak the sound system in a dental school lab! The fishkeeping's fun, apart from when they all get a bacterial infection and die!