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    just a few words to introduce myself. I'm an ex player verging on wrinkly but have many happy memories of my banding days,

    I'm a 40 something single mum , happily living in West Yorkshire with my 3 teenage sons and demented Border coliie.

    I started my banding off in the Salvation Army YP band at Pendlebury Manchester , then played for a while in Walkden Band (and the usual school band process). Had some really happy days playing at Eccles Borough Band and supporting my ex hubby in various bands including Trafford and Swinton .

    It would be nice to start a 'wrinkly' thread ....just as I think " Oh I know him/ her I realise its son or daughter of !!
    Anyone else feel the same? ..

    Heather x
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    Ooh!! You played at Swinton?? Do you know Matt lawson? He's our 3rd man down!!
  3. Di

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    Hi Heather and :hi to tMP.

    I've moved your post to give you your own special thread. :)

    Hope you enjoy being with us.
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    Hi Di, ty for making me feel welcome !
    2nd , I didnt play for Swinton myself ,my ex hubby played 2nd Euph. but I enjoyed listening to them and watching them go through the sections.They were an extra special band in the Dave King days. When they played at a contest you never had to wonder if they would play a certain difficult part but 'how' they would play it . I'm not sure how they are these days (if at all) , the only contact I have with banding now is thru 4bars and now I'm happy to have found this site,
    happy banding,
    Heather x
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