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  1. ohiochewba

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    I have just joined this site. I am an American from Columbus, Ohio. My friend Pat, BBCBASS, and I are here helping out the Lydney band for the week so they can go to their area contest. So far, having a great time but we won't be here for long.
  2. brasscrest

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    Just so you know - you can post on tMP from the USA. Pat does it all the time . . .

    Welcome to tMP (I know I already welcomed you in another thread, but once more won't hurt).
  3. Charmed

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    Love your username! :tup
  4. Jan H

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    Hello Sean, Welcome to tMP

    I visited Pat and Diana in Columbus last summer, and I also met Laura, who plays for COBB I think.
    They also showed me Buckeye stadium, including the band room. Very impressive, something rather differnt from the regular band room around this side of the ocean ;-)

    Enjoy your time in England and also your time on tMP!

  5. Liz Loftus

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    Big hello!!!

    We'll also be at Torquay this weekend - 3rd section. Have a great time & say hello if you see us - we'll do likewise!!!

    Good luck :D

    Liz & Fi

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