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    I'm Bryan and I play sop for City of Cambridge Brass Band I've been playing Sop since I was about 12 (I think?!) My first band was a schools wind band called NEWTS (North East Wind Trainers) but was soon shown what a real band was and fell in love with Sop. I've been playing the Cornet/Trumpet since I was 8 and now I'm 25. I've been a member of the Hampshire Youth Junior and Training bands, Horsham Borough Silver band and Soham Comrades Band. I've also played with the tMp band on a couple of occasions, as well as depping with many different bands.

    Outside Brass bands, I play 1st Trumpet in a newly formed Brass quintet, which is based in London called Strong Brass and I also play in Disco Inferno, a funky 8 piece 70s/80s/90s function band. (website to be updated with me on it soon) I also play as a guest with Mystery Train when I'm not working or playing with my other groups. I'm also playing trumpet with the London Charity orchestra on 3rd (It's nice to take a back seat with less pressure for a change!) and I sometimes play with The Cambridge Orchestra and Cambridge Philharmonic Society

    I have a BA(Hons) degree in music, which I got from Anglia Polytechnic University (Now Anglia Ruskin University)in Cambridge, Where I now live. I'm practicing for an LRSM, and have been for several years now, I really should get my finger out and do it!!

    I am currently working as a security guard still trying to pay off my student debts! I also teach Brass at a saturday school. Eventually, I want to make a living out of music by teaching and playing as much as I can.

    Outside of work and music, I have a reputation for being a bit of a p***head, which I suppose goes hand-in-hand with being a musician! I'd like to say I've calmed down a bit recently, but most of the last month or so is a bit blurry (well it is rude not to go to the pub after a gig and there's been so many!!) No serious drink induced injuries for some time now though :eek:

    Edit: Have now given up beer!! :eek: Decided to get rid of the beer belly so I've stopped the beer and Kebabs. In the last 3 months I've only had the odd beer and 2 kebabs, Just been drinking wine and spirits in the last 3 months and lost nearly 3 stone!! Only problem is.....all of my clothes are now huge on me and wine goes to my head really quickly, 3 bottles of red and I'm anyone's :roll:
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    And despite his disliking for original pieces for the sop(!), Bryan is a very fine player, as witnessed at Hadleigh 2005.
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    Ahh thanks for that! Nice to be appreciated!!

    Hehe very funny.....Write me a piece that has more than one note in it, preferably not all around top C and I'd be happy to play it!
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    Wimp!!! :icon_biggrin:

    Was great to have you there at Hadleigh. My centre parting has nearly gone now....... :icon_rolleyes:

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