hello to everyone

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mojo, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. mojo

    mojo Member

    Hi i am new to mouthpiece and would just like to say hello to everyone :):D
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  3. Hello to you, and welcome. What is your instrument ?
  4. mojo

    mojo Member

    sorry i dont play my son is a drummer for local band
  5. mojo

    mojo Member

    just interested in brass band music and this site
  6. JesTperfect!

    JesTperfect! Member


    Enjoy posting here :)
  7. mojo

    mojo Member

    thank you to you both
  8. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    something of of an international flavour this site.
    Welcome from Australia
  9. jockinafrock

    jockinafrock Active Member

    Greetings! Enjoy...! :hi
  10. MrsDoyle

    MrsDoyle Supporting Member

  11. mojo

    mojo Member

    many thanks to you all for your welcomes
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  13. Kjata

    Kjata Member

    Don't put the newbie off dan!! ;)
  14. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    .........and from Canada too :)
  15. DMBabe

    DMBabe Supporting Member

    :hi HI! Be aware that you will find all sorts of people on here at all times of the day and night (Most of them very helpful and friendly). :D

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