Hello to all!

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    Hiya all!

    Started playing for Stanley Newmarket – many years ago (a Malvern Suite test piece – early 80s) made my way up to 2nd man then turned up to band and was told I was playing Sop (explain to your dad that your newly purchased Bb cornet is not required) which I did for a while at SNCB and then moved to Sharlston Mobil (West Yorkshire Motors) barmy times – then stopped playing for a while as couldn’t give full commitment to the band.

    Was pulled out or retirement and asked to play for Crofton a quite a few years ago then left when band room moved due to travelling/job – now back playing full time (since Feb 07) at Crofton.

    And no intention of stopping again!!!

    No matter how much time you have off – banding is always in the blood – I’ve missed it and I’m glad to be back!!;)

    Please also accept this introduction as my application for the Soprano club!:biggrin

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