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  1. I am a cornet player who has just joined XXX town band (hint: it's a secret) after 17 years of not playing a thing. I don't know if I'll be posting much on this forum, but I'm here to find out the answer to this problem -

    I have already been 'nominated' :rolleyes: to take part in the various xmas festivals, including playing things on the local high street on xmas eve. This is slightly disconcerting :eek:. My tone is surprisingly racy on loud bits, and quite good to listen to; and the fingering etc has all come back to me very easily, but the quiet passages are somewhat non-existent (think: fffthbrrr), and my lips get squishy after about 15 minutes. What is the best way to improve my stamina and my pianissimo, as quickly as possible?! Any advice appreciated! (PS. I can't practice at home, due to neighbours). At the moment I am carrying my mouthpiece around and blowing into it when no one is looking.

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    I think you should just get out there and enjoy it for now.

    Most bands welcome new or returning players and will make allowances. From the sound of it, you're enough of a musician to know when discretion will be the better part of valour, to leave bits out.

    Then, in the new year, concentrate on the niceties.

    Welcome to tMP - it's a fine place to be.
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    In all seriousness, Christmas playing can be one of the best ways to improve - nothing too technical to worry about, but plenty of blowing. I'd certainly recommend anyone considering changing instruments to do so at this time of year, as there is plenty of practice without any real pressure.

    If you find your lip is going, there should be enough other people blowing to cover until you get your second wind.
  4. Thanks for the boost. I expect you're both right - however, this is a small band of a dozen or so, where every player counts, and only some of the players are good players. The band can, on alternate tunes, sound warm and enjoyable, or reminiscent of a junior school concert, and frequently teeters on the brink :biggrin:...;). So although I'm not the best cornet player there (the top cornet is rather a good player), I've been welcomed warmly and I don't want to let them down. If you know any tricks and techniques I could use to improve quickly, it would be very useful.
  5. I think you have your perfect prcatice aid.. keep praciticing at home and the day that your neighbours don't come round to complain .. da daaaa! You're playing quietly!

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