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    Hello, l just joined. I've been playing euphonium for about 5 years now. Since I'll be playing outside in the cold a lot, I was looking to buy a plastic (Kelly) mouthpiece; however, I'm not sure exactly what moutpiece to buy. I have a standard yamaha YEP-221 euphonium. I honestly have no idea about what kind of bore or cup or anything to get. Can anyone help me out here?
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    And on behalf of the trombones... Welcome!

    What mouthpiece do you play on your Euph normally?
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    Hi ~~~ and :hi.

    Congrats on the award, well done. :clap:
    Glad to see new members!
  4. Welcome!

    I have a cornet kelly mouthpiece that GLOWS IN THE DARK - ace!
  5. Oh, and I know someone who's got a see-through kelly tuba mouthpiece!

    Kellys are good for outside, but aren't as good as a Wick inside

    But, give them a go anyway - they're brill!