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    Hello I'm Hannah from South Wales I Play for Newport Borough Brass Band (just like the Music.man did) Hi John its Hannah Salvage, havn't seen you since I was Little lol My Dad Says Hi! Anyway Im 12 and I am Principal 3rd Cornet (I'm soo proud) but 1 day i will make it to solo cornet and take my Mothers position hehehe..... :biggrin: :woo If you want to make friends with me I must tell you i can be very Random..... anyway Visit Newport's site on www.newportboroughbrass.org.uk
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    Hello Hannah,

    Are you trying to hypnotize us with your avatar? ;)

    Enjoy your time on tMP...

    (ps. you tried to put a Smiley from SmileyCentral in your signature. Unfortunately, we don't allow this in this website, so I've removed the link...)
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    :hi Hannah, welcome to tMP
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    bit off topic but oooh palindromes im Hannah too my favourite one is racecar yay!
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    hi hannah and hi everyone my name is dave and i play flugel horn for the oldham band lees who are at the moment working very hard on valerius variations for harrogate in 12 days time everything going to plan and cant wait for the big day. Anyway good look to all competing at harrogate in the fourth section hope you have a fun weekend

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    Hi Hannah,

    Welcome. My name's John and I live 60 miles west of Toronto. I came to Canada in 1967 from London. Enjoy tMP. It's a lot of fun.