hello I`m Flugelfrank :-)

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    Hello my name is flugelfrank and I`m from Holland. I started playing when I was 11. I`ve played Solo flugel in a fanfare band for over 15 years(strad). After this period I played soprano(courtois 107) in al local brassband for 4 years. Since three years I`ve picked up the flugel , and I only play for myself ,not in a band.
    I play the Kanstul CCF 925 C Flugelhorn with Denis Wick 4F.
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    Good morning Frank and :hi to tMP. Now have a good browse around, we hope you enjoy being with us. :)
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    Hello Frank,
    Nice to see some more Dutch speaking people registering here (I'm from Belgium).
    Which part of Holland do you come from?
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    Hello Flugelfrank! Welcome aboard!
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    Hiyar Im Sophie AKA Sopha
    :hi to the family friendly forum.. sure you'll have fun around here. If you need help with anything or have any questions I'm sure someone will be here to help you just add a thread or PM one of the team!
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    :hi to tMP Frank, it's good to have another flugelist on board (and one playing a Kanstul instrument too ;) ).