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    Just wanted to introduce myself, Julie Patton, and my company, Liemar Technologies LLC. I am a trumpet player, teacher, and former band director. I was fortunate to study with Armando Ghitalla at the University of Michigan and many other fine performers and teachers over the years. With Liemartech as my way to reach others, I have tried to use my knowledge as a band director, and teacher of over 14,000 private lessons to develop products for musicians and teachers. These are products, lesson books, and CD-ROMs that I personally have found extremely beneficial to me and my students over the years. Most of these were tested at the University of Arizona with students and professors. I also received input on portions of Maximizing Your Studio's Potentialfrom major brass musicians from the Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, and St. Louis Symphonies here in the US.

    Andrew Berryman has been a great supporter of Chop-Sticksin the UK, and other than the US, we receive the majority of our orders from the UK. Please do visit the website and see if there is something you could use in your playing or teaching at www.Liemartech.com

    I look forward to talking with you online!
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    Hi Julie and :hi to tMP.

    We hope you enjoy being with us and look forward to hearing of your experiences. :)
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    Yup... welcome abaord.

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