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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jerry, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    Hi there!

    Having been a tMP member for a little while and contributed a couple of times, I thought it was time to do the decent thing and introduce myself!

    My name is Achim (the name's German and so am I), I'm 36 and live in Weston-super-Mare with my lovely wife (who is neither German nor a brass player - any thoughts on juggling family and band commitments welcome!!). I play the cornet with Weston Brass (usually on Rep, currently caretaking as Principal), having initially started out on trumpet with a number of bands, ensembles and orchestras back in Germany. My main commitment over there was a colliery band and orchestra (Werksorchester Preussag Anthrazit in a town called Ibbenb├╝ren). They had a symphony orchestra, a military-style wind band and also a big band, all of which I was lucky enough to play with. I think the big band has folded now but the symphony orchestra and wind band still exist, however, they have lost their status as the colliery's own band and are "independent" now (similar story as up North in this country - no more money due to the decline of coal mining).

    These days, I play the cornet (quite a different experience, I tell thee!), I work in Bristol as Managing Editor for a publisher, and try not to eat too much cheese (because cheese is lovely but mainly consists of lard!).

    So, hi everybody, and happy banding!

  2. smiler_38

    smiler_38 Member

    Welcome to tMP Achim.

    I spent a wonderful 18 months at Weston-super-Mare back in July 1977- Sep 78 when I was at RAF Locking doing my Technician Trade Training.
    Helped out the Western-super-Mare concert band while I was there. They used to have a bandroom at the old rugby ground. Remeber doing a few concerts at the sea front ( Roundel?)

    Happy banding
  3. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    Hi Dave

    When I joined them they were in a prefab bandroom in the Weston FC carpark opposite the old Westlands helicopter factory - I drove past a couple of times before it dawned on me that's where it was, going for my first practice!

    We're now in a church hall up on the hillside, having had to move on when Weston FC went up a division and started developing the site.

    Did you used to do concerts in Grove Park as well in those days? They are now part of the staple summer diet of park jobs. Clevedon just down the road has a nice bandstand right on the seafront as well. I think in the old days they might have done concerts by one of the old hotels (the Rozel Hotel), maybe that's what you remember? Rozel Hotel is gone, by the way, they demolished it and there's now a block of apartments, still called Rozel House I think.

  4. smiler_38

    smiler_38 Member

    Hi Achim,

    yes it was the FC grounds where the bandroom was. I walked there from the camp a few times. The bandstand (it was a round semi-covered affair) was the Rozel on sea front just up and opposite the winter gardens. I can't remember any grove park.. but it was a LONG LONG time ago LOL

    I wonder if anyone is still there that has a long and good enough memory to remember me :)
  5. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    I shall certainly ask around at practice tonight, Dave. I'll let you know what the result is - it'll be interesting to find out how many of the 1977-78 band are still with the band today!

    Grove Park, by the way, is near the Playhouse theatre and now includes the Jill Dando Memorial Garden (Jill was from Weston); the garden was designed by the Ground Force team and the Weston Brass played at the opening ceremony (this was before I joined them).

  6. smiler_38

    smiler_38 Member

    It will be interesting to find out.
  7. jackocorn

    jackocorn Member

    Hi Acim and Dave

    I was Principal at Weston around the 77-78 time before going to University in Cardiff (joined Melingriffith) so probably met you Dave? The Rozel was destroyed in the "great storm" of 1981 (piccie here:- http://www.nmhvfestival.co.uk/town.html ). We used to play 3 out of 4 Sundays 2 - concerts each time (six different programmes!!!!).

    For a great deal of time the Band had a hut on the Rugby ground (not Football) before moving to Westlands maybe as late as the 90s?

    My Dad was Treasurer (now President) and played Cornet too.


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  8. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    Hi Andy

    Nice to "see" you! I followed the link and I have to say that Weston today is a far cry from what it used to be by the look of things. I had not realized there was a Rozel Bandstand, it looks quite impressive in the photographs. Shame we haven't got that kind of venue anymore, but I guess the audiences wouldn't be there anymore, either.

    I haven't had a chance to ask around the bandroom yet, Dave, but I wonder who else from 77-78 is still in the band, do you have an idea Andy? Was Dave Farmer around in those days? I can't really think of any other likely candidates ...

    Anyway, I'll see you around, Andy (always a pleasure when you drop in)!


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