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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Alan Fernie, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Alan Fernie

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    Thanks Dave. Yes I do know Arran Brass! A few years ago, a couple of Ian and Christine Cargill's sons played with Dalkeith and Monktonhall, and the band were invited over a couple of times to play massed band events,concerts, parades ,and on one bizarre occasion, a joint gig with some Buddhist monks! Wonderfully happy and drunken times!! I'm glad you're enjoying "Carrickfergus". Alan Morrison recorded this at about half the speed I imagined it, but made it twice as good as I thought it'd be!! A fine example of the fact that us arrangers just put the notes there - it's up to you guys to do something with them! How are the Cargill's? Is the bass player still working in the sweetie shop in Brodick?
  2. Souter

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    Hi Alan and welcome to TMP.

    Hope Selkirk is still treating you well.
  3. Dave Payn

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    Yes, our soloist for Carrickfergus has asked me to go slower than the crotchet=100 mark. Personally, I like it at that speed but soloist's prerogative!

    I moved here from London in October 2004. Best decision I've made!

    Haven't seen much of the Cargill's lately. I believe they'll be moving off the island in the not too distant future but I'm not 100% sure of that.

    Yes, Cathy Keeney is still working in the sweetie shop! She's also the bass player in the brass quintet I formed just over a year ago, the Arran Brass Monkeys (named after the fact that our first gig was to play Christmas carols outside the Lagg Hotel in the freezing cold!).

    I guess the gig with the Buddhist monks must have had something to do with Holy Isle.... :)

    Are you still with Dalkeith? Perhaps we can organise another joint venture!

  4. Baritonedeaf

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    Welcome Alan - every band i have played in has played something done by you - I like your writing for Baritones - nice one!

    One of my earliest Solo bits was playing the Bari section in your train version of a Ticket to Ride! Great stuff! Good to have you on tMP
  5. PeterBale

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    Hi Eric,

    I think you and Ada have gone a little too "Farr" this time in identifying your arrangers ;)
  6. Bryan_sop

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    Wow! It's great that banding greats like yourself can find the time to join us here! I doubt there's anyone in the banding world that hasn't played your compositions/arrangements. Our quintet has some of your arrangements too and they always go down well!
  7. Alan Fernie

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    Thanks Eric
    I'm flattered that you've got me confused with Ray FARR. He's much more famous, thinner and richer than me! Rest assured, I won't be doing any rap arrangements - i like to think I'm a musician!!
  8. flugelboy

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    nice to see you have been welcomed on this alan,
    good luck fo te scottish this week and ll be intouch for certain to find out how you guys get on :D and all try pop in next time am back from sunny salford.