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    Hello there. My name is Colin Wellard and I am currently the Musical Director (well Acting MD actually- I need a bit of a break so we are looking for a new MD) of Greater Bendigo Brass, a brass band in Central Victoria, Australia. Play a bit of trombone and EEb 'bass and conducting and love my brass music. Keen to see what is happening over in the birth place of brass bands and keen to pick collective brains regarding all things brass. Have been going to join themouthpiece for yonks but have finally bitten the bullet.

    Cheers and Beers

    Colin Wellard
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  2. PeterBale

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    Hi Colin,

    Glad you've decided to join up, and look forward to sharing news and advice in the coming days.

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    Colin, your link is lacking an "a"!
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    Hi Colin
    From South East Queensland.
    I contested in Bendigo a few years ago with Geelong West so I can remember what it was like in your neck of the woods
    Hope you enjoy TMP