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    My name is Mark and I have joined this community on the recomendation of Chunky - I currently play with Fanfare Mont-Sur-Rolle in Vaud (near Geneva), Switzerland and prior to moving here I played with Cawston Band in Norfolk - great band and great people!

    There is a really big brass band scene in Switzerland with some very good bands - home from home really.

  2. PeterBale

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    Hi there - good to have you with us.

    I'm sure we'll all be interested to hear something about the banding world over there, so keep posting ;)

  3. Jan H

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    Welcome to tMP!

    I heard 13 Etoiles in Kerkrade last July and the B-band of Burgermusik Lucerne in Mechelen in September, both bands were excellent!

    I see that the name of your band has the word "fanfare" in it. Is it a British-style brass band or a Belgian/Dutch-style "fanfare band" (brass+saxophones), like my own band?
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    Fanfare Mont Sur Rolle is a traditional brass band set up - Im not sure why the Swiss use the word Fanfare, it appears with several other bands out here as well.
  5. Melph you are so wise and important....... It's about time you shared your knowledge with the rest of the world, like all the important stuff you taught me in Germany :eek:. Get yourself an amusing Avatar as well.
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    Im very sorry, but who are you? I did not go to Germany this year, in fact, I have never been there and certainly have not imparted any words of wisdom in the last 34yrs or so.

    Sorry, you have me confused with someone else. Good luck in finding them.
  7. Sorry my mistake :redface:, only i found an expensive watch that i thought belonged to you, oh well guess i'll just flog it on ebay. Many thanks Melph. :cool:
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    Come to think of it, I did visit Germany recently and happen to come across a Brass band of sorts, I think they were called The Cawston band, but not sure as they spoke a strange dialect, so comminication was limited. However, I recall a rather ugly bass section, reminding me of a visit to London Zoo and the ape house a few years ago - was that really you?

    As for the watch, keep it, I stole it from Ian Fryer as he never made it ot band on time - interpol have been informed.

  9. Arh don't pretend to the nice people on tMP that you didn't beg us to join in our fun, i seem to recall something about you getting the train to Koblenz in Switzerland, before realising you wanted Koblenz, Germany......... That shows how much you wanted to play with us. That strange accent you talked about is Norfolk dialect, you managed it very well considereing you being half dutch, half Alsatian.
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    I think it is unfair to mention my parenthood on this public forum, but if you are to do so, get your facts right - It is not Alsation, it is border collie.

    Ok, so I did beg and grovel in order to be allowed to participate in the madness that is The Cawston band on tour. A pity I do not play the bass, as they can do with some musicians in that section.:D
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    Nothing strange about the Norfolk accent old partner.....you want to try living here. They are complete furriners!!!
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    Hi Melph :biggrin:

    Welcome to tmp...
    This really is a great site - but beware of the ones who can't speak properly ( The Cawston lot ;) )

    Of course (I) being for Lancashire, as an array of talents, one of which is confusing the Southies :)

    Maybe we will catch up sometime.

    Take care,

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    Hey Kev, and what is right about the Norfolk lingo ;) ;)

  14. Maestro

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    Everything is right about the Norfolk lingo......it's boooooootiful
  15. Chunky

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    Thas roight ol pardner, keep you a troshin!
  16. Chunky

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    Having said that tho, the hospitality here in Geneva is good, but they really do talk funny!
  17. You sound like an American Cowboy with a speech impediment that got lost on the way to the ranch and ended up in the Spar down Carrow Road, (before say anything i know there isn't a Spar on Carrow Road, it was purely to illustrate the fact that it was in Norwich, can you name another street that is known outside of Norwich?)
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    Its a rummun out ere. Lots of foreign people who can't understand Norfolkish - the ignorance of some people ;) Humbling though.....

    Hi Kevin - not sure you remember me, I came along to Staines a few times and played Second Horn - well, played wasnt really the word for it, given the strange Jupiter horn I was loaned - certainly wasnt pitched in eflat!!
  19. Maestro

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    I remember you well young sir.
    I t was a delight to hear the golld old home accent again, as I believe I mentioned to you during a break.

    As for you Pav....weren't you the one that told evrybody outside of Norwich about Ber Street? :rolleyes: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
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    I do believe its time for another mardle ol pardner!