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    :hi Hello from PeterBale

    Hi there!

    I suppose I'm a bit of an interloper here, really, as I'm primarily a sax-player, although I've been involved with brass bands since joining the then Coventry Festival Band (now Jaguar Coventry) at the age of 16. Following a spell in HM Coldstream Guards Band I spent nearly 20 years working with The Salvation Army, mainly in residential centres. Currently running an office building just off Piccadilly, and commuting daily from my home near Southend, I came across tMP following an item in Brass Band World.

    When not posting on tMP (or working!) I frequent a number of other forums, and also contribute the occasional review for 4barsrest.com. With parents in Coventry I am a regular attender at both the British Open and the National Finals at the RAH, usually wearing my 4barsrest or tMP t-shirt. As a southerner, I've not met very many tMPers face to face, but was able to participate in the Whit Friday 2004 band, as well as hosting the tMP band at its first stand-alone concert in April 2005. If you follow the link I'm second from the right on the front row as you look at the photo!


    You'll find tMP a welcoming bunch, and we value the contributions of all, young or old, long-time members or newbies.
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    :hi Peter.

    A huge thanks all round for such a wonderful event at Hadleigh. :clap: