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    Hi, everybody!

    I've been playing in the Sheldon Theatre Brass Band for about 4-5 years and enjoying it thoroughly. It's based in Red Wing, Minnesota, which is about a 50-mile drive each way. I became aware of brass bands when I was in high school, back in the 1960's, but didn't have an opportunity to play in one until moving to Minnesota. My official position is 2nd tenor horn, but I move to other chairs as necessary, sort of like the utility infielder on a baseball team (played first trombone last summer, first baritone this summer, principal cornet and principal euphonium at other times in the past).

    Professionally I work for Unisys developing computer software. My area is security, and I'm in the operating system group.

    I also enjoy volunteering for community television productions (since 1992), directing a swing band (http://www.rosevillebigband.org, since 1989), composing, and showing cats (currently focusing on Maine Coon cats).


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    Hello and Welcome to TMP

    Just wanted to say welcome and I hope you enjoy the site, I'm new to posting has taken me a while to get round the site but now i understand it as they say

    "practice makes perfect".

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    Welcome aboard.....enjoy your time here......you really have been around the chairs havent you! From an (ex) Unisys UK guy
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    Hello, hope you have lots of fun on tmp!

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