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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by the fish, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. the fish

    the fish Member

    As it's the day before New Years Eve and I'm bored at work, and can't be bothered faffing about with how I'm going to get next year's targets, I thought I would fill in the "TMP" Ice Breaker!

    I had just turned 8 years old when I started playing at primary school in Witney Oxfordshire under the tuition of Dorothy Calcutt from Stonesfield band, who had loaned 20 or so instruments from Witney Town Band with a view to starting a junior band. I was last to arrive and was offered a cornet to play. I wasn't keen and pointed to the big instruments at the back (in fact two mini Eb basses) she went out to her car and came back with a full size 3 valve imperial Bb bass for me, I sat on 3 cushions to reach the mouthpiece and I was away! for the record (with the exception of the odd orchestra job on Eb Bass) I have not played another brass instrument.

    By the age of 10 I had progressed to Witney senior band (a non-contesting band), and at the age of 15 was "head hunted" by Morris Motors Band in Oxford whom Harry Mortimer had just finished his involvement with, as a replacement for the just departed to Desford Dean Morley! and was introduced to my first contesting experience at the L & S C Areas at Watford Town Hall on Journey into Freedom.

    Morris Motors folded when the sponsorship dried up a couple of years later, and I was invited to join City of Oxford Band (although I only stayed briefly) and then Hartford Motors Band (now Kidlington) before joining a reformed version of Morris Motors called Rover Band under Terry Brotherhood until it's final demise in the early 1990's.

    I tried to go into retirement when I got married in 1996 but my wives family were involved in Jubilee Brass (Oxford) Band who were a non contesting band at this stage, and I continued playing with them up until our divorce in 1999. Around this time I met some old mates who were playing for Wantage Band who convinced me to start afresh in the contesting world with Wantage. I accepted the offer and here I am still with them in 2005 having proudly seen the band progress from mid table second section to the top of the first section in L&SC and having made a lot of new mates along the way

    When not banding I work for Barclays Bank managing an Agricultural portfolio of customers, or can be found in good ales houses across the country sampling ales from far and wide with my CAMRA annorack on!

    The nickname "Fish" was bestowed upon me from the brewery staff of Wychwood Brewery for being able to consume vast amounts of their product and still remain standing!

    Regards to all at TMP!

  2. stephen_clapton

    stephen_clapton New Member

    Julian is one of the finest bass players ive met, and a lovely bloke. Those few years together at Jubilee were good fun. Keep playing and drinking mate! :icon_razz:
  3. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    Hello Julian,

    Did this Rover Band ever make a band tour to Belgium as far as you know? I remember that my band organised a concert for a touring British band, and I think they were called "Rover Band". I'm sure it was somewhere in the first half of the nineties (I could look in our archives to find the exact date). That was the first time I ever heard a "real" brass band!
  4. the fish

    the fish Member

    Yes it did Jan, and sadly I could not get the time off work to go :( I'm glad you heard them ,there were some very good players in the band, we were graded as third section when we restarted contesting, but the playing standard was above that level at the time.

    It's a small world isn't it!

  5. the fish

    the fish Member

    Blimey Steve, you'll make me blush :oops:
  6. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    It's a small world indeed! :D I found some papers about that concert when I was looking through our archives some time ago. I remember that I went to listen, but I don't remember much about the concert itself. I must have been 14 years old or so at the time...

    If your current band would like to make a tour to these sides of the continent, don't hesitate to contact me! ;)
  7. stephen_clapton

    stephen_clapton New Member

    We both know that will never happen :icon_wink:
  8. daveredhead

    daveredhead Member

    i can back up all about julian being good Bass player and good with the alcohol,as he has helped us out on a few occaisions I can also say i have seen him blush, wether it was our playing or the drinking afterwards, see you soon Julian:icon_biggrin:

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