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    Hello everyone and thanks to those involved in activating my account. :tup

    I have been looking for an active Brass Band forum for some months. It wasn't until I googled "Bodmin Town Band + Somewhere Out There" that it lead me to www.ibew.org.uk which has now opened up all manner of wonderful things. I then found this forum in a link. Also this week been exploring the World Of Brass site and have downloaded digital tracks from it and also from Amazon and iTunes. I am DELIGHTED ! :D
    Great to to find news of some open air shows that I will attend in a few weeks time !
    ;) Love the information provided.

    ** I am not a musician. My music taste is very eclectic. I have a particular love for singer-songwriters from Nashville, Canada and the UK. I will be interested to find if songs I like have been scored by Brass Bands.
    ** I am a big fan of Radio. My intentions are to continue with my efforts in supporting the brass band movement and am delighted with what I have achieved as a radio listener. I will expand on this in my next post.
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    Welcome! :hi Enjoyed your post about Aled and Brassed Off! Maybe we'll get more airings on radio now if bands get in contact with the BEEB! :D
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    Thank you for your kind welcome , pleased you liked the Radio 2 post. Yes radio should not ignore their listeners. Being proactive does work.
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    welcome to theMouthPiece!
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    and welcome from Wales.............land of Song, Brass Bands and occasionaly rain!