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  1. the sovereign

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    My name is Linda and I play 1st Tenor Horn with Geelong West Brass Band
    (www.geelongwestbrassband.com.au ) in Australia and my husband (Paul) plays Bass Trombone and percussion and also is our Drum Major.

    Geelong West Brass Band competed in the Australian National Championships at Brisbane over Easter and came third (out of 15 bands) in B Grade which was an outstanding result for us as this was our first time in B Grade after being promoted after winning C Grade last Year in both National and state competions.

    Paul and I are travelling to the UK in August for 8 weeks and are hoping to catch a few concerts or rehearsals while we are over. It would be great if there are any contests happening during that period, so if anybody knows of any please let us know.

    Great to be a member of mouthpiece, looking forward to some good reading.


    Linda and Paul
  2. The Wherryman

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    Welcome to the forum, Linda, and congrats to GWBB on their result.

    UK bands are very welcoming to guests, but it would be of assistance if you could let us have some idea of your itinerary and you might well find you get some invites from bands in the areas you intend to visit
  3. the sovereign

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    We are staying in Ely on Monday 25th of August.
    We have looked up a map and estimate this distance at around 50 or so miles. Does this sound right to you?
    Other itinerary to follow soon.

    Regards Paul and Linda
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    :hi to tMP!

    We look forward to your reading (and hopefully posting in) our threads. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any moderator or administrator (moderators have orange user names and administrators have red user names).

    Thanks for joining us!
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  5. The Wherryman

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    You will find a long, long list of brass bands here with links to their websites. You might find it helpful to make direct contact with the bands in the areas in which you know you'll have time to attend concerts/rehearsals.
  6. steve butler

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    Ayup Sheila :wink: Welcome aboard.
    You MUST get up to Yorkshire during your stay, wev'e got sheep shearing, cold beer (if you must) and a fine array of top bands.
  7. PeterBale

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    The British Open takes place on Saturday 13th September in Birmingham, featuring a dozen of the best bands. There is usually a concert on the Sunday as well, although I've not seen any details yet.

    There is also the Breat Northern Brass Festival in Manchester the week before, featuring Wingates, the National Children's Band, Faireys, Fodens, Black Dyke and Brighouse (various concerts during the day).

    If you log on to www.ibew.co.uk and click on "Events" there is a fairly comprehensive calendar of concerts and contests.
  8. Rodney

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    Hi Linda :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
  9. Aussie Tuba

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    Hi Linda
    Great to see people I know and remeber coming on TMP say hi to Paul for me
  10. Brassfeast

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    Hi Linda & Paul

    Good to see some fellow aussies on the forum!

    Congrats on GWBB result at the Australian Nationals! :clap: Fantastic effort! :)
  11. brassbandmaestro

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    Hey there Linda and husband Paul!! A lot of bands have some of August off. if your down our way, you be most welcome. we are in the Brighton & Hove area, so a great holiday spot. we could show you two guys around. Send me an email or pm as to your schedule!!
  12. tuba hero

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    Hi and welcome to The Mouthpiece. I'm Peter McGovern and I play BB tuba with nowra town band.
  13. tuba hero

    tuba hero New Member

    Did you go to the Australian Nationals this year nd I f you did what did you think about them?
  14. the sovereign

    the sovereign New Member

    Hi Peter,

    Yes we did go to the nationals this year.

    It was our first time competing in B grade after being regraded after winning the nationals in C grade last year.

    We ended up coming third out of 15 bands which was an outstanding result. Pelorus Trust from NZ won and Townsville brass beat us by only half a point.

    We had a great weekend.

    The competition was quite well organised, the only problems we ran into was being rushed during warm up preparations.

    The B grade results were just rushed through, no one got to respond to the awards given out, apparently A grade results were due to be given out in the other hall.

    Hopefully we will go to Sydnet in 2009 if finances permit.

    Regards Linda
  15. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    Hopefully we will go to Sydnet in 2009 if finances permit. Sydnet' Lynda:)
  16. the sovereign

    the sovereign New Member

    Sorry I did mean Syney Not Sydnet :oops: :oops:

    But apparently Sydnet is a lovely place to visit.:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  17. steve butler

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    Syney? Sovereign?
  18. the sovereign

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    Now I am REALLY embarrassed.

    What I was trying to say in my 2 previous posts is that if finances permit we are hoping to compete in Sydney in 2009:redface: :redface: :redface:
  19. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    :clap: :biggrin: Now, you sure you've got it right Linda?:biggrin:
  20. tuba hero

    tuba hero New Member

    Gee, third in B grade is a good result, I didn't get to see all of the B grade. I only saw Sutherland Shire (our conductor was playing with them). But still, me thinks that your band would've sounded really good.
    My band is hopping to compete in the 2009 nationals next year too, the largest contest that we do is the states, so it will be a good experience for all.
    Yeh, from what I heard the A grade finished at 'round 10pm or somthing and also I was told that the results were also rushed a bit and XLCR didn't get musch time to respond to winning the A grade 4 times.
    But all in all I never was there for the awards (I got to tired, lol), but still it was a great time, so all the best at the nats next year!!!!!