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    Hi All,

    My name is Andrew Kissling. I attended Arizona State University for my undergraduate degree in trumpet performance and studied with Dave Hickman. I just started a new publishing company for brass music. Please visit my site! www.akbrasspress.com You can also click on the banner advertisment which apears every so often on the top of this site. I am about to launch the Synergy Brass Line of music. www.synergybrass.com I already have some great arrangements available for brass quintet. I also have a method book which I wrote for trumpet while I was at ASU. Please give me any constructive criticism you may have. I am always trying to improve my company. If anyone has any new arrangements for any kind of brass ensemble, please, do not hesitate to submit them to me for review for publishing.

    I am also looking for music stores who may want to carry my music around the world. Any suggestions will be greatly apreciated.

    Hope everyone is haveing a wonderful week!

    -Andrew Kissling
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    :hi to tMP, Andrew to a truly International community of brass/percussion playing, music-writing enthusiasts. We are a family-friendly site that encourages musicians of all levels to get involved in discussion, both serious and for fun! Here's hoping that you will enjoy contributing to our forums.