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    Good morning one and all!

    Yes, I'm a newbie to your site and I doubt if I'll be here for long (No disrespect, I come seeking knowledge)

    On behalf of my old man really

    He'll be 88 in June and sadly gave up 'blowing' about 5 years ago due to ill health

    He started learning to play the cornet & trumpet at the late age of 14 in the Lancashire coal & cotton mill town of Atherton

    He joined the RASC at 17 and was immediately drafted into the band where he remained a RASCal until the 1950's

    Aftèr service (yeah right dad, we've seen the pics of you & your pals on 'active' service!) He played the dance band circuit & various local brass bands before finally ending with Eaton's Farnworth band which he was gutted about (music, and particularly brass band music has been his life) but he just hasnt got the breath anymore :(

    Long story short:

    I don't play & nobody else in my half of the family's interested. My sister plays piano & guitar, my nephew is a very talented multi instrumentalist currently on cruise liners but doesn't play brass.

    He has approached me last week with a view to me selling his Conn 22b trumpet for him as he's not played it in years and would get real pleasure knowing someone who took it on would enjoy it as much as him.

    He's no idea what it's worth, more worried that the case is battered & bruised but in one piece...

    The instrument we think is a New York symphony special. It was bought by his elder brother for him in 1947/8 and wasn't new then. Its been replated and in very nice condition indeed.

    It's been all over the world and earned it's keep, paying for itself many times over. It comes in its Conn case, has 3 cornet mouthpieces (Denis Wick, Rudy Muck & Lou Davis) plus adapter, stand and old music books

    My questions to you dear lot are:

    Can anyone positively identify it? What's the general value? Would there be anyone interested?

    I really don't want to chance my arm on ebay atm as no doubt I'll get offers of £50 wanting it posted to the other end of the country

    I have pics (too big to upload here atm though)

    Any questions can be answered by my old dad and you can come & try it before buying

    Sorry if it's turned into a sales pitch, I can move it to the classified section if required


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    I would suggest trumpet forum or similar would yield a better response to the info you are see,I got!
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    If you are on Facebook there are also several trumpet groups on there that could also yield info from collectors etc!
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  6. Vegasbound

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    And also Conn loyalist website has all info on models and a list of serial numbers for exact year of production
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    Ebay is OK as long as you pick a time when there are no listing fees and put on a sensible reserve. I sold 2 of our surplus Cornets last year by checking what similar instruments were selling for, not on sale "Buy it now" for but actually with bids on. These seemed to be around £600 each, so as the Band Committee agreed we wanted at least £500 I set a starting price around £550 and sold for about £ 600 giving the £500 nett we wanted after Ebay and Paypal fees. Both purchasers were delighted, one was from Japan! the other resident at a music college.
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