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    I've just joined and thought I'd introduce myself. I played Baritone for Glossop School Brass Band while I was at school in the 70's - and enjoyed every moment, especially the phonomenal success we had in competition.

    I hoped to find a new band to play for when I went to college in Nottingham, but bands there were few and far between and I didn't have transport. So I gave it up and started playing bass guitar instead in a rock band.

    I moved back to the Manchester area for a couple of years in the 90's and started playing again in a little quartet of players from the company I was working for (Bob Stone - are you out there! ;-). I haven't played since even though Brackley - where I currently live - does have a Brass Band (I kept up with the bass guitar tho' ;-)

    Brass Band music still gives me goose-bumps whenever I hear it (done well that is). I'd love to get back in contact with the people in Glossop School Brass Band, and to that end. I've created a group for Band ex-members on facebook. So, to any ex-members of Glossop School Band reading this - it would be great to meet up on facebook (or here).

    Jonathan Lee
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    Hi Jonathan and :hi to tMP.

    I hope you manage to find some of your old buddies.

    Also, we have a few members from Brackley on here, I wouldn't be surprised to see an invite to the bandroom. ;)
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    you could always come along to the band club on a monday or friday night for a beer with us :tup
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    Thanks for the welcome Di - and thanks also to stevetrom for the invite to teh Brackley Band club. Sadly, I doubt if I'm any good anymore (not that I was _that_ great a player in the first place - just part of a great band). Also, I know that it takes a lot of time and dedication that it takes to make it worthwhile - and with a young family...

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    Hi Jon, just to let you know, i gave up playing for about 17 years!!. stopped in early 80s and only started again in 2001. since then been lucky enough to get a 2nd and 5th place at national championships with Tredegar and now play with a great 1st section band. Yes it is hard to get back into practising etc. but now loving it again, back in touch with old friends and making many new ones. stick to it.
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    Hello Jon .

    I can remeber very well competing against Glossop School Band in the 1970's when I played for Holmfirth High School Band .
    How many times in a row did you win the Blackpool entertainment contest ?
    5 ? 6 ? maybe 7 ? .

    One of the best performances I remember was when you finished with ' Marching with Sousa' and the whole band stood up faced the audience and marched on the spot . Classy stuff !

    Your name came up conversation with Mark Bousie the other day and he told me you had a great deal of information about Glossop School Band ( where he now works ) and he told me about your Facebook group .

    I have a photograph that I wondered if you would be interested in that was taken on Whit Friday 1979 at Lees contest .
    In the foreground are Holmfirth and in the background stood on a higher level ( ! ) are Glossop School Band , all of us just ' milling about ' waiting to play .

    The photo was taken by a newspaper photographer and is a black and white 8" by 6" .

    In the Holmfirth players is my self ( with a lot more hair and a lot slimmer ) and the only Glossop player I can name is my Soprano rival who I believe was called Nigel Fielding ( what ever happened to him ?! ) . There are also about 15 other Glossop players that can be identified if the photo is slightly enlarged .

    I'm not too great at scanning and emailing such things but if you would like me to post this to you , so you can put it on Facebook you would be more than welcome to borrow it ( as long as I get it back of course ! )

    All the best , Mark .

    ps Have you still got your light blue shirt with the frills down the front ??
  7. JonLee

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    Hi Mark,

    Apologies for the slow reply...

    It was 3 times while I played - and I know that they won again, but I'm not sure how many times.

    Hmmm.... I only really know about the years I played in the band. I went away to college and lost touch - sadly.

    Thank you very much for the offer - I'd love to be able to get a copy to post on facebook. I'll send a message to you to try and arrange something.

    My mum might have kept it - but I doubt it ;)