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    Hello, I'm Daniel Jones and I play the Eb Tenor Horn for Gwernaffield Silver Band and Llangollen Silver Band. 'Corporal Jones', my dad, who is the Musical Director of Gwernaffield Silver Band, is also new on here - you can find his post in the introduction.

    My favourite brass band piece is probably Carillon (Flowers/Gomm) as the solo horn has a lovely melody.

    It's good to be on the site; thanks for welcoming me into the community.

    Daniel Jones
  2. Pete Watson

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    Hi Daniel,
    Good to see you on here. I hope you enjoy the site!

    Pete (a fellow horn player)
  3. Jan H

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    welcome on themouthpiece. don't hesitate to contact me or one of the other moderators if you have any questions about using the site.

  4. ballyhorn

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    Hi...Have you got an uncle Pike????
  5. MrsDoyle

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    Don't think so ballyhorn!! I'll check and PM you!!
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    Aww! Leave him alone...! ;)

    Welcome, welcome...! :hi
  8. MrsDoyle

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    Thanks for the welcome, Fiona.

    As for ballyhorn, there's no need to be rude dear! :lol:
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  9. super_sop

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    Hi Daniel.
    hows things goiang at LLan? used to play there many a moon ago!!!
    ask about, they are bound to remember me, most folks do!!!!!
  10. MrsDoyle

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    The post that went here has been removed.

    sorry folks, airing my dirty linen where I shouldn't have :lol: