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    Hello all,

    Enjoyed reading a long discussion about the tenor horn and decided to join the site! My name is Eric Schweikert and I am Principal Timpanist of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. Earlier in the year our principal tuba player, Sam Gnagey, and myself talked about how nice it would be to have a brass band here in Fort Wayne. We decided to make talk reality and started one. We are called the Old Crown Brass Band (www.ocbb.8k.com) and will play our first program of holiday music on January 8, 2008(original date of Dec. 16 was snowed out!) Already being a professional timpanist/percussionist I decided it would be more interesting to explore my hobby interest in brass and chose the tenor horn. Bought an old B & H Regent off ebay in June and have been practicing Arban's like mad since! Currently covering the solo horn book in the band (yikes!). Have about thirty folks participating in the band with all parts being covered. Everyone seems to be having a good time, which was the whole point! Would love to get a better horn which is what brought me to the site. LOTS of opinions there! Just the kinds of information I was looking for.


    Eric Schweikert (fwtimp)
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    Hi Eric and :hi to tMP.

    What an achievement to get a new band up and running! :clap: All the very best of luck with your first concert and with your venture on to the horn. We'll very much look forward to hearing how it all goes.

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    Eric, Well done. That's brilliant - starting up a brass band AND taking on the tenor horn from scratch. Good on ye. And all the best!!! :clap:
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    Hello Eric :)
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    Thank you everyone for your kind welcome! If anyone has timpani/percussion questions or issues I will certainly do my best to help.

    I have an old mouthpiece stamped: R.S.Kitchen Ltd. -Leeds
    Does anyone know anything about that company? Couldn't find anything about it doing a google search.

  6. Roycoater

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    R S Kitchen in Leeds were a music shop rather than a manufacturer as far as I know. Am almost certain they have closed down now though
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    Hiya and :hi to tmp!
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    Thanks for the Welcome Emzie :guiness --- Cheers sweetheart
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    Unless that's Leeds in kent, which I doubt - they almost certainly have.

    I live in Leeds myself, and it's not a name I'm familiar with. Emailing the Leeds local history library might shed a little light on it if you're interested?

    Well done on starting a band up, and congrats on taking up brass playing as opposed to percussionism. An achievement in itself!
  10. Roger Thorne

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    Eric, you asked this question back in December!! Follow the link below for the information . . . .


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    Eric great to have you on board and what a great acheivement to get your band off the ground, i take it there is a lot of enthusiasm for your band?? What music are you playing/rehersing at the moment? Ta Dave
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    Hello Eric,

    Always nice to have another band in the midwest.

    Give a hollar if you need a helping hand from (relatively) nearby in Columbus, OH.

    Hope to meet you at either the Ohio Brass Arts Festival (Columbus, March 7-9), or North American Brass Band Championships (Louisville Area, Mar 28-29).
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    Hi Eric

    Well done for starting a new band and taking the step of swapping instruments. :clap: I may take you up on the offer of answering questions etc on percussion/timps as like you I swapped instruments but I went the other way, from cornet to percussion.

    Just in case you haven't found anything yet, RS Kitchen Ltd was a company which was founded in 1875 to repair the instruments of brass bands in the North of England.

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    Hello there people,

    Just doing what it says and writing my first ever post....

    See ya later! x
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    LOL Blonde Mudd, nice name!!! You were having a blonde moment I take it! Newbie's usually post on their own thread, not someone else's.

    I'll let you off as you played so well in Skeggie lol!!!! :biggrin:
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    No, make the newbie suffer!
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    Newbie Blonde Mudd

    Nice to welcome another newbie!!!! and i like those blonde moments lol im sure you will find the site adictive a bit like playing really,make sure you take a full part,and we will get lots of replys back to you Ta Dave
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    how lovely of you chunky! dont forget i know where you rehearse! dont make me come over there and cause havoc!
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    Hi Blonde-mudd!

    Good to see you on board!
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