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    Hi everyone, I'm Chris, I'm currently bandless (but in the process of sorting that out), having taken time out of brass banding for a year due to a few health problems.

    I'm a trombone player (your sympathy is appreciated) and in my time I've 'graced' bands such as Lions Youth, Roberts Bakery, Rode Hall and Audley. To keep my appalling technique and 'elegant' tone up to scratch I've been playing in a wind band, which although enjoyable, doesn't have the same heartfelt whomph of a brass band. Although when you're giving it some on trombone in a windband you can cut through even more - just ask the MD (luckily he's my brother!)!

    I've actually done this a bit backwards as I've already made a few posts before introducing myself...as I said, I'm a trombone player - it's nice to be different!
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    Hi Chris and :hi to tMP. It's good to see that you've already got "stuck in" and are busy posting. :) I hope your health problems are now behind you. If you're currently looking for a band, why not put your details including location etc in our recruitment department. That's a quick and easy way to find what's available and where. :)