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    I'm Louise, I used to be 3rd Cornet, but recently promoted to 2nd - hooray!!

    I started playing the trumpet at primary school in Southport when I was 9. I played through high school and played in a brass band in Ormskirk (Ormskirk Brass), but it disbanded in 1996 or thereabouts. If there is anyone on here that used to play in that band at that time, I would love to hear from you!!!

    Then I went to sixth form college, continued to play there, but never thought of taking music as a GSCE or A level subject..... D'oh!

    Then onto Uni in Ormskirk to do a degree in BSc (hons) Business Management Studies, coming out with a 2:1. However I didn't play at all during those 3 years at Uni, except for practise at home, on my B&H 400 that I got for my 21st birthday.

    I got my first full-time job as a territory manager (Posh name for Sales Rep) in October 2001. I was lucky enough to get a transfer up to Edinburgh in July 2002 so that I could move in with my boyfriend of 3 years.

    In January 2004 I finally got round to joining a brass band; Newland Concert Brass in Bathgate. I started as 3rd Cornet, my first ever contest was when we came 2nd in the Scottish Championship in Motherwell in March 2004! However, we didn't fare as well in the Nationals, but what an experience for my first year back in brass banding! We also went to Germany in July 2004 for a shourt tour, which was fantastic.

    Since then I've been promoted to 2nd Cornet and now looking to see where I can go from there....

    Happy to hear from anybody from anywhere! I don't get onto tMP much, but do try!

    Looking forward to meeting some new friends and hopefully getting to play cornet with some of you! If you need a 2nd Cornet in the central belt of SCotland, I could be your girl!
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    Hi Lousie and welcome to the madness that can be tMP...... although I take a firm line on this and keep all my threads sensible and informative.....right chunky?