hello and help identify grandads trumpet he won

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    Hi there,I was forwarded your site as my friend thought your members may be able to identify a trumpet that my granddad has asked me to sell for him and the funds are going towards a new music system for him.He doesnt know any details because a friend gave it to him as the winning stake in a bet but we know the friend once played for the RAF band,not sure if this was the instrument he actually used!!!The only markings I can see are B&M champion, there is a series of numbers that start with a letter I56223 and says made in GDR.The mouth piece says Vincent Bach Corp.7c.I play the flute and know nothing about trumpets.Do you know anything about it or how to value it?Do you know a man that can?
    > Thanks,Thea
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    Hi thea
    ask your question on www.trompet.nl
    its a trumpet forum and I.m sure you will get a answer.

    cheers frank
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    Thing is... he has asked it on here hasn't he...?

    We also do not permit the use of the tMP PM facility to promote ones own www sites. This is using tMP to SPAM members and it is not permitted.
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    sorry, ...just try to help:)
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    I am sure you were, but sending PM's to people on the tMP system to promote your own www site is not permitted. We provide the site for free, please don't abuse the privilege.

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