Hello and Goodbye at Wingates

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    Wingates band is pleased to welcome two recently signed players - Tara Hardman (2nd horn) and Andy Morris (Repiano). They join the ranks as a result of two dedicated band members leaving the band due to pressures of work commitments.
    Richard Shaw leaves the band as he has found it increasingly difficult to make the 240+mile round trip to band. Richard currently lives in Leicester (due to his job) and despite this has shown true commitment to banding by making this journey for the past few months. Understandably this has begun to drain his energy and although he did not want to make this decision, he had to, for his own health and quality of life.
    Rachel Pavey also resigns as she has found it increasingly difficult to manage her time around college, work and band commitments. Rather than “mess the band around” by missing rehearsals, contests and concerts Rachel thought that she should do the honourable thing to resign making way for a person who could fully commit themselves to the quite intense band schedule.
    Goodbye also to one of our youngest members - Matthew White. Matthew joined the band initially on baritone but over the last year had made the transition to euphonium. The band has featured him in concerts and also most recently as soloist at the Wychavon contest in November 2005, where Dr. Robert Childs remarked on Matthew saying he showed great promise. Matthew leaves the band to take up a position in the Leyland Band.
    A belated goodbye also goes to our former Solo Horn, Robbie Cargill who left the band before the Area contest to pursue a career conducting the Hoover Bolton Band.
    The band would like to publicly thank them for their time, dedication and commitment and wish them the very best - and hope they still manage the occasional opportunity to come and see us!

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