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  1. hallelujahal

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    Hi - just popping in to say hello. Am a relative newbie to all this brass stuff. Currently attempting to play and teach myself cornet & baritone and thoroughly enjoying it. I'm playing cornet mainly, but keep feeling that my lips are rather stuffed into and around the cornet mouthpiece (a generic '7C' model). I love playing the baritone because there's acres of space in that mouthpiece. What do you reckon? Should I stick with cornet (probably more useful in the long run) but experiment with a bigger mouthpiece - or switch to baritone before I do any damage? If I were to switch to a larger cornet mouthpiece what would you recommend - as I have no way of going anywhere at the moment to try them out so would probably have to buy online?
    Regards, AL
  2. Andrew Norman

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    AL it all depends on what you want to do.
    At this very early stage you will struggle to move between the 2 instruments and , yes, the cornet will feel the more difficult.
    Some players never manage to switch between instruments whilst others do it on a regular basis - many of whom would do much better to stick to one !! (I'm one of those).
    There are normally lots of "average" cornet/trumpet players whilst a "good" baritone/euphonium can be very useful - you don't say where you are from so I'm assuming that the term baritone and euphonium might be interchangeable.
    A larger cornet mouthpiece isn't going to come anywhere near the size of the baritone one although anything larger than a 7c will help "cornet" tone...
    The most important thing is to enjoy your playing.....
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    I would focus on one instrument to begin with. I think that it is easier to get a better sound out of a larger instrument in the early stages. Play the one that you enjoy the most as this is what will encourage you to practice regularly and improve the most. You may benefit from a bigger cornet mouthpiece but maybe wait while. I wouldn't go larger than a denis wick 4 (or equivalent) for now.
  4. hallelujahal

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    Thanks for your responses - and the advice to concentrate on one instrument certainly is very much on my mind. I ended up with both instruments by default - but have found it difficult to ditch one in favour of the other!