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    Just thought i would do the introductions and get them out of the way, not seen this forum before today and i like what i see,

    A little bit about me, i have been playing for around 30yrs now, starting off in my first band a year later, Greenhalls under the baton of Jim Pearson, after a while i moved to Pemberton Old before leaving them to join a concert band where i took up the French Horn, later to play in the 5/8 kings Band on French Horn before finding my way back to the brass world joining Parr Band, i started Parr on Tenor Horn before moving to Eb then BB. i took a few years out from banding and returned to Parr on Eb in August 2006, moving around different instruments to help keep the band moving as we went through a spell of shortfalls on various instruments, finally landing on Solo Baritone.
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    Welcome oh man from Mars :wink:
    How could you end up on baritone after dabbling with bass?
    I suppose it comes from being on the wrong side of the pennines :wink:
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  3. Playabit

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    One Prolapse too many going for those low notes...:biggrin:
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    Welcome to the site my fellow baritone player! good choice of instrument! :p
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    Glad to see you finally joined us Pete.
  6. Jan H

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    Hello and welcome to theMouthPiece!

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    :eek: Its Peter!!
    Hi!! :D

    Emma - Flugel - Parr Training Band
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    hi peter :)
  9. Rodney

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    G'day Peter..........cant understand for the life of me why any-one would want to leave the big boys section of the band - however, welcome mate.