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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mark_euph, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. mark_euph

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    Hi everyone, I just found your site by chance. Doing some of the depressing searching for a new instrument with imaginery money! :)

    I come from Strabane, Northern Ireland and play in a local town band. I got into brass music when an outside agency sent in a man to our school when i was around 8 years old. He performed auditory tests and from there picked out 3 pupils from over 60. I was one of them and began on the trumpet.

    From there i moved on to a band in the town, my current band:St. Joseph's Brass Band, where i was given a Euphonium. Like i'm sure everyone else has i had to move through the ranks from playing bass parts, to baritone, to Euphonium, where i have been playing Solo Euph for the past few years now. Being no stranger to the internet i am the current webmaster for the band so feel free to check out our site, and indeed our own forum! ;)

    Outside of playing for the band i am currently a final year student, studying to become a teacher. Not quite sure why anymore, although i think it was something to do with the summer Holiday's that initially got me interested!! :cool:

    Anything else you want to know just ask!!

    Peace out! :tup
  2. wkt

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    Hello Mark. Good to hear from you. Looking forward to a visit to Strabane in February!
  3. mark_euph

    mark_euph Member

    Are you visiting to see Black Dyke i'm presuming? :)
  4. wkt

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    Yes. Looking forward to it very much. February will be an amazing month. Black Dyke in Strabane, Roger Webster and Steven Mead in Belfast the same weekend, Fodens in Armagh the following weekend and the International Staff Band in Belfast at the end of the month. I will look out for you in Strabane.
  5. DublinBass

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    Well, welcome from another teacher!!

    What are you studying to teach?
  6. mark_euph

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    Hi BBCBass!! I am studying to teach in Primary School, but my degree will enable me to teach Music in Secondary school if i wish to do so. Don't think i'd bother though, the older children these days have serious attitudes lol! But i think the job situation when i graduate in May will decide where i go!!
  7. brownrob

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    hey there! I play in Ballyreagh in Fermanagh, one of our players used to play Baritone with you guys, Nigel Edwards, he is a vet up there, good cub too :D

    Welsome to the board, Im more of a lurker than a poster! Must find out the exact dates of stuff happening, did you go to see the Cory band in Dungannon a few months ago?
  8. mark_euph

    mark_euph Member

    Hi mate, naw never got to go then, was working, saw them here 2 years ago i think it was but. We've got the Dyke over on the 2nd February if you're free!
  9. brownrob

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    Yeah, Id love to see Dyke

    Whats the story on tickets etc? I might have a load of people interested! Only problem is if its on a Saturday thats when we practice!

    Skip practice!! :D

    Id like to see Fodens too and Roger webster (saw him in Ardhowen last year)... though listening to those guys wants me to put the cornet in the bin! :D
  10. Flutey

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    *gasp!!* As a 16 year old I can honestly say that we're lovely! Sometimes...!!
    Welcome to tMP :biggrin: