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    Just thought I would say hi as I am new to the Mouthpiece.

    I play Solo Euph at Leyburn Band in Wensleydale. The band re-fromed just over 3 years ago with around 80% (including myself) being completely new brass players. We recently played at the Hardraw Contest and came overall 6th beating all the other unregistered bands, all the 4ths, 3rds and a second section band. We also won a rose bowl for best Hymn so we are all rather pleased with ourselves at the moment!

    We are playing at Malton next weekend. Anyone else going?

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    Hi Caroline and :hi to tMP.

    Congratulations on your achievements. :clap:
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    Hi Caroline. Welcome to tMP.

    Nice area up there in North Yorks. My Auntie lives in Reeth, and I used to play in Northallerton town band back when I was at RAF Leeming (1979). Remember doing the Hardraw Scar Contest too.
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    I was on holiday in Wensleydale in early October, (Yes, OCTOBER - the weather was fine too!) and as I now live in the Midlands I hadn't been in the area for a few years; so I was surprised to see that Leyburn now has a band!

    You forgot to push the band website, so I will! www.leyburnband.co.uk I looked it up after I had seen so many shop window ads for the band!

    Pleased to see numbers of bands INCREASING for a change - although I am always pleasantly AMAZED to see how some rural areas can support so many bands, when the areas that I know (North East and the West Midlands) have so few despite huge populations :-(

    [Similarly I am also amazed how I can get a better selection of fresh food at a choice of shops at 10pm easier in Leyburn than I can in Coventry, but then again, I don't know why I should be so surprised, as it really is like living in a huge 3rd world shanty town, except the roads here are in poorer condition :-( ]

    It has however served to remind me I need to get away there more often! MUCH more often!
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    Oh... hello to you too Dave... long time no see