Heliosuk New Soprano Cornet review

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    Please find below a recent customer review of our new Soprano Cornet Eb.

    I have just purchased heliosuk's new soprano, and just wanted to write a few words on what i thought of it,
    first off i want to say how brilliant freindly and quick the service was, i ordered the instrument and in just over a week it arrived with great delight!
    well onto the sop, i first stumbled over the website whilst looking for a tuba for my girlfriend and saw the tab "new sop" so i had a look, wow! it looked fantastic but as we all know looks can be diseaving! and when i saw the price i can honestly say i got a bit put off as it was so cheap! but i purchased it thinking i can always send it back,
    but i won't be doing that, it really is a fantastic instrument, it plays so cleanly and has a nice cornet sound rather than that typical sop harshness and not a mistake in the build in sight, before i got this i played a shilke although it was lovely sop to play always struggled to go above a top A with much power, not any more! the new sop has a brilliant top range and can now go above the stave with much more power and conviction! the tuning is good too, no more playing A's on 2\3 and top D's on 1\2 valves. all in all i am over the moon with the purchase and having the cerial number "001" makes it all that little bit more special! i really would advise any sop player new or old to give this a go, you won't be dissapointed!!!

    martin hill
    wincanton silver band

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